• Working across distinct fields within statistics
    - clinical trials, epidemiology & machine learning
  • Previously worked in academia, government & industry
    - startups, multinationals & freelance consultant
  • PhD Medicine (Canada); MSc Clinical Research (Wales);
    MSc Biometry (England); First Class Hons Maths (Australia)

Main research areas

Papers & Code

The promise and pitfalls of composite endpoints in sepsis and COVID-19 clinical trials

Composite endpoints reveal the tendency for statistical convention to arise locally within subfields. Composites are familiar in …

Examining the Influence of Component Outcomes on the Composite at the Design Stage

While the literature simultaneously promotes and condemns composite endpoints, they are often used as the primary end point in clinical …

Frailty modelling for multitype recurrent events in clinical trials

Recurrent event outcomes are ubiquitous among clinical trial data which encourages a conventional approach to analysis. Yet a common …

Power and Sample Size Estimation for Composite Endpoints: Practical Implementation using Data Simulations

Composite endpoints are a popular outcome in controlled studies. However, the required sample size is not easily obtained due to the …

Multitype Events and the Analysis of Heart Failure Readmissions: Illustration of a New Modeling Approach and Comparison With Familiar Composite End Points

Heart failure–related hospital readmissions and mortality are often outcomes in clinical trials. Patients may experience multiple …